The latest study conducted by AERCE (the Spanish Association of Buying Professionals and Contractors) mentions that48% of Procurement departments have an established relationship with the Marketing area. However,at Fullstep we believe that the investment levels managed continue to be minimal and that the importance given to the budget items is lower.

At the same time, only 24% of these companies have specialists in buying marketing services.

There is certainly an enormous opportunity in terms of strengthening the Marketing – Procurement relationship and optimizing the levels of investment.

Why with Fullstep?

  • Experience and knowledge of the current marketing segment with all of its derivatives.
  • A track record of results in savings and in various sectors (Food, Communication, Services, Financial and Insurance, etc.)
  • Team specialized in Marketing and by Categories.
  • Support for Procurement training in relation to Marketing processes.

Our objective

  • To work hand in hand with Marketing and Procurement.
  • To foster collaboration between the Procurement and Marketing departments, a crucial factor for achieving increased returns and enhanced value for the company.
  • To have in-depth knowledge of the Marketing area’s needs from the buyer’s perspective.
  • To learn to apply effective negotiation strategies in line with the needs of the Marketing manager.
  • To analyze the types of Partners, services, remuneration models, risks, etc.
  • • To share good practices and analyze inadequate ones.

What are the key points of Marketing procurement?

Buyers and marketing managers need to become partners instead of enemies. Understanding their needs and that collaboration will achieve mutual benefit: optimization of the investment, for the benefit of the Company.

Both in relation to purchases that have an effect on marketing objectives and in transactional purchases, Procurement must take charge of accrediting suppliers, negotiations, and preparation of contracts, even if with roles that entail different degrees of involvement and with Marketing taking the final decision.

Another important point is to consider the expense as an investmentnot a cost, this vision helps to create a more positive and efficient relationship.

The procurement departments must be very familiar with the environment, must “soak up” Marketing to be able to successfully apply the stages of the procurement process and prepare a negotiation strategy. The process does not consist of reducing costs regardless, we are not talking about screws, we are talking about service, quality, timelines, Talent.

To involve procurement in the processes and decision-making it is fundamental to:

  • Collaborate on projects from the very beginning. The earlier Procurement is involved in the strategic planning of the Marketing investment, the greater the return on the investment will be, and the more information Marketing offer, the better.
  • Agree with marketing on the actions and design of the Savings Plan.
  • Design efficient processes in line with the Marketing categories, which help to optimize the levels of investment.
  • Maintain quality and service in each negotiation.
  • Minimize the risks that affect the results and image of the Company.
  • Standardize processes that make it possible to establish supplier quotes.
  • Search for fair remuneration systems – Accredit new partners who can contribute a new vision of the business, without being tied to the “lifelong provider”.

What we do

1. Train the Procurement Team.

2. Define the Typologies to be Negotiated.

3. Design the Procurement / Savings Plan.

  • Determine the strategy to adopt by categories and level of investment.
  • Prioritize the categories with the highest saving potential.
  • Establish the supervisors and work team.
  • Define the phases of the procurement process and Timing.

4. Individualized study of the marketing categories..

  • Market situation, investments, Partners, etc.
  • Establish the budget and savings objectives.
  • Identify negotiation levers.
  • Actions to be taken.

5. Negotiation process (RFI, RFP, RFQ, SLAs).

  • Analysis of current and historical investments (Partners, investments, contracts, etc.)
  • Gathering of information from internal users.
  • Base budget by category and definition of the scope.
  • Preparation of the negotiation strategy, actions.
  • Negotiations and closing of financial and technical conditions.
  • Summary of the procurement process, supervisors and areas involved.
  • Award, integration and continuous improvement – Valuation of potential Tenders.

6. Accreditation of Partners and framework agreement.

7. Establish the system for tracking the agreed services and remunerations.

For certain, Procurement and Marketing have been born to understand each other and must work side by side to achieve the best results for the company. Collaboration and understanding are signs of effectiveness and guaranteed results. Fearlessly.

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