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Supplier Risk Management

Comprehensive risk control to ensure its complete, predictive, and efficient management.


    Definition of the integrated supply chain risk management model.
    Technology to backup operations associated with risk management.
    Support in tasks associated with supply risk management.

    Discovery, standardization

    integrated risk management

    We work from the management model design to identify the supply categories, the map of possible risks (strategic, financial, cost, technical, quality or service level, innovation, regulatory and sustainability) and their criticality level by probability of occurrence, difficulty of detection and level of severity. Then, we address the operational management of said model by relying on technology and support resources.



    Identification of all company risks associated to the interaction with its suppliers.
    Control and early decision-making
    Homogeneous control and alert mechanisms to guide and enable anticipation.
    Continuous improvement
    Comprehensive management model, appropriate to the degree of risk tolerance and adapted to the temporary requirements of both the organization and the market.


    Experience and expertise
    Solution designed by operational experts for comprehensive risk management, based on the best practices identified over 20 years
    Methodology based on the best regulatory and market practices but flexible in adapting to the reality of each client
    Own technology.
    We have the support of our own platform that automates the process designed for each risk control model.

    Latest success stories

    Advice for obtaining the ISO 20400 certification for Sustainable Purchasing

    Cosentino Group, the first company in the world to obtain the ISO 20400: 2017 certification, which endorses its commitment to sustainable and efficient Procurement management and ratifies good practices and excellence in this area, and its contribution and alignment with the policies of sustainability and corporate social responsibility of the company.

    Support for the implementation of framework agreements with suppliers in a service company

    The client wanted to carry out an "Accelerator" project that sought to negotiate, in a very short time, 34 tenders of 8 different categories.

    Optimization of the purchase conditions of containers and packaging

    Review of the current management of the purchase of its containers and packaging, in order to identify actions that allow its improvement in terms of cost, efficiency and quality.

    Our clients

    We work for companies of all types and sizes. We adapt to the needs and characteristics of our clients.

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