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Purchasing Portal

Optimise the management of your purchasing department with Fullstep Portal

I’d like to eliminate tasks with little added value and go paperless by integrating my suppliers into our purchasing operations and the expenditure cycle through an online communication channel.

Effective management of suppliers is vital for companies, both because of the major impact suppliers have on productive and economic matters and for the company’s image.

Fullstep has designed a purchasing portal that enables you to consolidate all the information about suppliers in one place, while also making it easier for them to work with your company’s various departmentsThe Fullstep Portal is a direct communication channel between a company and its suppliers, through which they can respond in a uniform way to purchasing department requests: RFOs; auction invitations; documentation requests; responses to non-conformities, surveys, or diverse information queries; as well as for accepting or rejecting purchase orders and validating invoices.

Companies like Campofrio Food Group, Mahou-San Miguel, CaixaBank, and Reale Seguros use the Fullstep purchasing portal to streamline their relations with suppliers, reduce costs, and efficiently integrate into their operations anyone who plays a fundamental role in their activities.  Click here to see a list of some of the Fullstep supplier portals.

Through a purchasing portal customized to reflect each company’s image, suppliers can participate in the online processes that concern them: they provide standard responses to RFOs from buyers, manage orders to their own suppliers, and interact with the quality department to adapt their products and services to company requirements.

The supplier itself keeps all the information on the products and services it can provide up to date, as well as its contact information, and it adds and removes users, assigns user profiles, etc.

All the modules that make up the Fullstep platform are fully integrated with each other and with the supplier portal.

Functionality of the purchasing portal

  1. Registration and request for approval
    Suppliers can request registration on the supplier portal
  2. Response to RFOs
    They will find all the necessary information for responding appropriately to their RFOs
  3. Order processing
    They can accept or reject orders issued from the catalogue
  4. Collaboration in business processes
    They will participate in the online processes when their input is relevant
  5. Quality assurance
    They will interact with your purchasing department to adapt to its quality or regulatory requirements

Main benefits of the purchasing portal

For the company

  • Efficiency: the portal helps to eliminate tasks with little added value in the RFO process, order issuance, information requests, thereby simplifying the work of internal users.
  • A standard, uniform channel: the portal operates as a communication channel with suppliers, making it possible to standardize work methods and establish a uniform and automated process for evaluating suppliers.
  • Supplier panel: the portal provides quick access to an extensive database of current and potential suppliers.
  • Repository of supplier information and documentation: automated management of updates, certificates, expiration alerts.

For the supplier

  • Online and offline: for greater convenience, the system allows the supplier to work offline by downloading an Excel worksheet which can be filled in and later uploaded to the portal.
  • Dynamic: each supplier can update the categories in which it can submit offers, as well as other data.
  • Authorizations: each supplier can manage the user accounts of the employees who are authorized to use the portal.
  • Sending files: the suppliers can download and upload files at any point in the process.
  • Integration: the buyers transform negotiated terms into catalogue items in one click.

The Fullstep purchasing portal clearly provides everything needed for optimized management of the purchasing area, allowing it to dedicate its resources to activities with greater added value.

If you like, we would be delighted to explain the possibilities of the portal in person.



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