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Procurement services

As a general concept, FULLSTEP, through services and software, wants to allow customers and users to spend as little time as possible on low value added tasks, and focus on their specialties. With that in mind, we developed BPO services, in particular outsourced negotiation management, that gives our clients the option to let us do the leg work behind purchasing management, and only be involved in the key steps and decisions where their experience is required.

  • Outsourced negotiation management for non-strategic or specialist categories.
    • General services, Technology, Construction/maintenance, Energy and Utilities, Communications, Marketing…
  • Expert assessment for complex purchases – negotiation strategy, market study, contracts, etc…-.
  • Outsourcing of purchasing management tasks allowing to increase efficiency and lower operation costs, or operate with variable costs:
    • Support to suppliers, documentation management, certification management, purchase order management, contract repository management…
  • Outsourced purchasing department (when fit for general business strategy).


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