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In both group and individual purchases, Fullstep ensures optimum negotiating conditions, guaranteeing the best prices and service quality from your suppliers. Let us help you choose the best option:

1. Group purchases:

  • Through this option, Fullstep offers companies all the facilities needed to participate in large volume group purchases. This means optimum negotiation conditions and capacity in order to increase savings.
  • In turn, participation in central group purchasing services increases the productivity of your company’s variable costs and orientates purchasing activities to higher value tasks for your organisation. 

In order to optimise the benefits of mass purchases, Fullstep offers the following services:

  • Group formation
    • Support for mass volume initiatives among like-minded companies
    • The drawing up of a confidentiality protocol
    • Proposed relations between participants and distribution of savings
    • Purchase Formalisation
    • Coordination of requirements
      • Unification of conditions and budgets
      • Standardisation of needs
      • Joint purchasing planning
      • Definition of the negotiation strategy
      • Purchase execution
        • Search and selection of suppliers
        • RFOs and negotiations
        • Evaluation of savings and award proposal
        • Drawing up of contracts and monitoring of reception

2. Individual purchases:

  • This option includes an integrated service in order to obtain the maximum benefit from your Central Purchasing Services department: a great capacity for negotiation, optimisation of purchasing resources and very competitive prices.

Both if your company assumes management of central purchasing or if it allows Fullstep to do so, you can count on the experience and knowledge of our purchasers and the technology that guarantees the functionality and efficiency of purchasing systems. In all cases, the following areas have been taken into account:

  • Individual purchasing management:
    • Execution through the delegation of individual purchasing:
      • Raw materials
      • Packaging and logistics
      • Power
      • Telephony
      • Professional services
      • Vehicle leasing
      • Industrial cleaning
      • Security
      • Facility maintenance
    • Specialist assessment in complex purchases:
      • Search for suppliers
      • Specification optimisation
      • Drawing up RFOs
      • Online auction management
      • Individual purchasing process:
        • Purchase preparation
          • Optimisation of requirements
          • Analysis of market offer
          • Search and selection of suppliers
          • Maximising competitiveness
          • RFO preparation and sending
    • Suppliers:
      • Standardisation of bids
      • Comparative analysis based on various criteria
      • Negotiation rounds
      • Savings assessment
      • Selection of the most competitive offer
    • Purchase Decision
      • Contract award proposal
      • Notification of decision to providers
      • Supply reception control
      • Incident reports

As well as its central purchasing services, Fullstep also offers a wide range of services to reduce your operating costs.

In each area you will find the same commitment and orientation toward results which we dedicate to large multinational projects. Check it out:

  • Management of by-product sales to third parties, both group and individual sales, obtaining the best prices and market conditions:
    • The search for new clients for the sale of by-products.
    • The drawing up of proposals and the negotiation of conditions.
    • Close of operations based on indications and reports on results.
    • The standardisation and management of supplier and incident-related documentation:
      • Standardisation and verification service for documentation required from suppliers.
      • Adaptation to control needs and specifications.
      • Online access to requests for information on supplier documentation
      •  Quality and service monitoring
        • Management of contracts signed with suppliers.
        • Registration and resolution of incidents.
        • Quality ranking and supplier assessment.
        • Leasing of IT applications
          • Supplier Portal, negotiation software and online auctions.
          •  Purchase requests, order placement and e-catalogues
          • Supplier quality, contract management and purchasing control panel.





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