Is your full spend cycle under control?
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Fullstep is the perfect tool to tie together all your sourcing information.

Suppliers Quality Assurance

Forget “Binders Mountain”, manage vendors without breaking a sweat

FULLSTEP QA is the online tool to handle Supplier Information Management and Supplier Performance Monitoring, integrated with your procurement application.

On one side, it is a repository for all quality related documents from your vendors and suppliers, and on the other, it is a dashboard where you can evaluate and monitor your supplier’s performance, based on the KPIs and service level agreements that you define.

It is a supply base management module that allows you to evaluate suppliers’ performance based on their certifications, the non-conformities in their services, logistics performance, or any other customized KPI…


  • Supplier score card
  • Configure your own non-conformity forms  and supplier score model
  • Integrate performance data from ERP system database
  • Real time monitoring of non-conformity  management and suppliers’ response
  • Suppliers’ ability to view performance rating
  • Use supply performance data as decision criteria for new contracts and purchases
  • Online communication channel with suppliers, with automatic deadline alerts and renewal


  • Online access to all non-conformity history
  • Supplier panel optimization
  • Reduced non-conformity related costs
  • Sets the base for a constant improvement process
  • Improved SLA (Service Level Agreement) management
  • Helps improve suppliers performance
  • Reduces and eliminates low value added tasks

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