Is your full spend cycle under control?
Do you have full data visibility and traceability?
Fullstep is the perfect tool to tie together all your sourcing information.

Budget management

Budgets and spend always aligned

Monitor the spend of your sourcing organization and procurement operations according to your established  budget and cost center structures (that can be integrated with existing ERP systems), increasing visibility on your  full budget situation at any time.

The system will allow you to generate reports and increase control on all procurement activities with updated information on spend budgeted or planned compared with spend incurred and in process.


  • Allocate all your procurement activities to your budget structure
  • Replicate all your cost centers in your procurement software
  • Monitor spend, current and planned, per cost center
  • Organized displayed data
  • Simulation of different scenarios
  • Quotes evolution graphically
  • Particular characteristics considered alongside with price


  • Unified budget visibility across departments
  • Real time information on incurred and planned spend
  • Easy and fast access to strategic information
  • Improved cost containment tools
  • Increased productivity and efficiency

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