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Contract management

More focus on the bottom line, less on the paper trail

Our Contract Management application helps automatically generate contractual documents, as well as the management workflow for its review and approval, including the participation of both internal company staff and external stake-holders, be they lawyers or consultants involved in the agreement, or the very suppliers object of the agreement or contract.


  • Design contract templates adapted to your purchase categories
  • Set up the appropriate workflow within your organization and the supplier’s for the contract approval
  • Automatically generate contracts from the bid award window
  • Online document management for your organization and suppliers
  • Contract status monitoring
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Automated alerts related to contract expiration


  • Online monitoring of contracts status, available in real time for authorized users or profiles
  • Better comunication tool with supplier
  • Standardized procedures and unified contract information
  • Seamless communication between areas and with suppliers
  • Common repository for all contracts
  • Increased visibility for all parties involved
  • Improved compliance
  • Man-hours savings

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