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Integrated communication

Forget about spending hours digging through email for this one attachment from that time…

The emergence of social media has generated a major leap in the ease of communicating with selected user groups, the speed and simplicity in the structure of information and communications, versatility to include other communication media such as text files, image, sound or video, and ease to find information has drastically improved communication performance. This has created a before and an after in information management, and has made available to us enhanced capabilities for collaboration and innovation.

FULLSTEP CN brings this communication power to your procurement platform while ensuring private and confidential information management, allowing you to easily restrict access to information by user, department, specialty, customized groups, types of processes, etc…


  • Create, manage and exchange discussion topics with internal users as well as with suppliers
  • Create events, publish news, send urgent messages or requests instantly
  • Manage groups and task-forces online for all your sourcing activity and events
  • Create and manage communication and topic categories for a more efficient, easy and structured information management
  • Assign security profiles, management and communication restrictions to each user, to maintain an appropriate level of confidentiality
  • Search, monitor and manage communications and collaboration topics with the latest features and functionalities from the most popular social networks


  •  Online access: web access from any computer or mobile device, for a dynamic collaboration network.
  • Enhanced collaboration and communication:  the instant messaging capabilities and dynamic creation of topics, news and discussion groups between internal users and or external users (suppliers) makes the exchange of knowledge and information flawless and more efficient.
  • Improved information structure: the easy creation of groups of users, categories for topics, news and events, improves the organization and structure of the entire sourcing organization’s information.
  • Strong security: the CN module enables designated users to easily define security and confidentiality profiles for all internal and external users, while maintaining the level of security established by current firewalls, passwords, encryptions, etc…
  • Enhanced sourcing management efficiency: the information structure and its links to instances of the sourcing application (contracts, orders, RFx, etc…) make it all the more user-friendly and efficient to gather information and knowledge around your sourcing activities.

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