Is your full spend cycle under control?
Do you have full data visibility and traceability?
Fullstep is the perfect tool to tie together all your sourcing information.

The Fullstep Platform.
Tailor-made technology to control the spend cycle.

Welcome to our Purchasing Platform: a modular system which provides control over the Expenditure Cycle. This is a versatile tool which integrates all the details and functions that complete the purchasing process in each sector. Technology as the driving force to boost purchasing performance.

The Fullstep Purchasing Platform is the result of team work, the combined experienceof our purchasing consultants and the capacity for innovation of our IT engineers.

The result, a tool developed by purchasers, for purchasers, designed to improve your Purchasing Area from an operational and organisational perspective.

From an operational point of view, performance increases thanks to the following characteristics:

  • Dynamic, as it evolves at the same pace as market needs. Always up to date, always efficient.
  • Versatile and scaleable: the modular set up means you can select the applications to be implemented based on the Expenditure Cycle, according to your company’s strategy and targets.
  • Flexible: the parameters of each application can be adapted to the characteristics of each organisation. All this means::
    • Easier ERP integration.
    • Simplification of all the processes within the expenditure cycle.
    • Detailed control over all functions without the need to over-complicate management.

Ciclo del Gasto

Click on the diagram and see how our platform responds to each phase of the expenditure cycle

From an organisational perspective, the Purchasing Platform provides:

  • Professionalisation of the purchasing function: clear, accurate information to orientate and reinforce decisions taken by the teams involved in each phase.
  • Efficiency: the standardisation of processes, the assignment and delimitation of functions, purchasing structure set up etc.
  • Constant perfecting of the system: as well as minimising risk, controlling the expenditure cycle makes it possible to identify and correct possible mistakes quickly and reliably.

However, clearer than these words are the facts. Check out our Case Studies and find out about our Purchasing Platform’s capacity to tackle the big challenges put to us by large companies.

If you would like to request a DEMO of our applications, all you have to do is click here

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