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European procurement standard

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The future is here today. The European Standard on the quality of procurement management is a reality for all of us. Leading companies in their respective sectors have already taken the step.

Now it’s your turn. Fullstep helps you to implement it, improving your company’s competitiveness, efficiency and profitability.

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UNE 15896 on Added Value Purchasing Management is the first EU purchasing standard aimed at unifying work procedures and providing action guidelines for Procurement managers to pursue management excellence.

Ahead of compliance, becoming mandatory, many of the major companies are already adapting their systems to the Standard. Adaptation results in competitive advantages /strong> for the organization overall (not only for the Procurement department).

These benefits are:

  • Allowing companies to have common criteria for calibrating the management level in procurement, defining a process of continuous improvement, and comparing the different strategic and operational processes that are applied in the companies, with a European-wide reference and requirement.
  • Help prioritize the activities of the Procurement department and define a strategy that takes into account the resources, budgets and periods of operations, along with the associated benefits and risks.
  • Ensure the excellence of the Procurement function, by establishing rules that affect its positioning, organizational and operational framework, in addition to its control and regulation.
  • Allows a value added model to be implemented, through an organizational analysis, with a solid scheme of procurement policies, processes and procedures, which moreover offer prestige, acknowledgement and trust of the company.
  • Aligns procurement objectives with the global objectives of the company.
  • Standardizes Procurement processes within the Organization, by providing common action criteria to help Procurement Area managers provide optimal management in all of their operations.
  • Organizes relationships with suppliers from a strategic and tactical point of view, facilitating the obtaining of adequate materials and services in terms of quality, quantity and ensuring an optimal price and an appropriate supplier.
  • Establishes links with all other areas of the company that contribute to and guide the actions of the Procurement department towards continuous improvement, making it possible to verify whether the area’s actions are aligned with other standards related to Quality, the Environment, Sustainability CSR, Occupational Risk Prevention, Codes of Conduct and Ethics, etc.
  • Promotes consumer protection.

Más información en nuestra sección de Consultoría de Compras: Adaptación a la Norma Europea de Compras


We are your partner for Procurement. At Fullstep we place our knowledge, tools and experience at your service, to optimize the procurement function, adapting it to the requirements of the new European standard, and integrating it with the rest of the company’s standards in force.

Our procurement experts with Auditor Certification in Standard UNE 15896 Value Added Purchasing Management help you to speed up your adaptation to the regulation, improving the competitiveness, efficiency and profitability of Procurement.

More information under our Procurement Consulting section: Adaptation to the European Purchasing Standard

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