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The Annual Procurement Plan (APP) is one of the main management tools for any Company’s Procurement Team.

The APP annually defines / plans the purchases to be made by the Procurement Area for the next twelve months, along with the set of improvement actions and objectives for the Company’s purchases and supplies.

  • To establish the management plan for the corporate managers of procurement (Commodities and Buyers).
  • To arrange for the actions to be executed in coordination with the rest of the organization (User Units, supervisors of budget items, etc.).
  • To formalize the presentation of the Procurement Area’s objectives to Executive Management.

For the Procurement Area:

  • Standardizes the execution of procurement processes and monitoring in relation to the established objectives.
  • Increases the collaboration between the Buyer Units and the User Areas, fostering teamwork of the procurement function with the entire organization.
  • Facilitates the organization of the relationship with suppliers.
  • Enhances the generation of savings and achievement of better conditions with suppliers.
  • Quantifies the cost reduction potential, anticipating the Procurement Area’s contribution to the bottom line.
  • Based on a technological support and methodology for optimizing the stages of: Preparation – Presentation / approval – Monitoring.

For your Company::

  • Contributes to improving the Company’s competitiveness, efficiency and profitability.
  • Helps to align procurement objectives dwith the global objectives of the company.
  • Structures the planning of Procurement processes within the Organization.

PHASE 1. Analysis of the starting situation of the Annual Procurement Plan (APP)
   1.1 Analysis of the current situation / determining the perimeter of the Annual Procurement Plan.
   1.2Position the Procurement Categories homogeneously, based on importance and the complexity of contracting them.
   1.3 Definition of cost reduction actions and preparation of the Categories Data Sheet.
   1.4 Development and validation of the ANNUAL PROCUREMENT PLAN (APP).

PHASE 2. APP execution
   2.1 Execution of procurement processes reaching savings targets.

PHASE 3. APP execution and achievement of savings
   3.1 Monitoring of APP results and reporting.

  • We have more than 14 years of success in the implementation of solutions and reduction of costs in various sectors: Food, Automotive, Banking and Insurance, Industrial Services, etc..
  • We have extensive knowledge of the procurement categories that make up companies’ annual procurement plans (technology, services, marketing, logistics, raw materials, auxiliaries, power, communications, etc.).
  • We carry out savings actions that will quickly and sustainably improve company’s bottom lines.
  • We adapt companies’ cost structures to the current needs of the business.
  • We transform procurement into a strategic function.
  • We are supported by our technological Platform which covers the complete cost cycle. It is currently used by more than 4,500 buyers and 100,000 suppliers, with more than 180,000 processes sourced and a volume of managed purchases of more than € 8.5 million/ year.
  • We are a Company specialized in the design of Procurement Plans, we provide experience, a methodology and resources / teams of specialists to achieve average savings of:
    • External Services: 19.7%
    • General Services : 18.4%
    • Infrastructure and works: 15.6%
    • Marketing and Publicity: 17.2%
    • Technology: 17.5%
  • We offer a continuous collaboration with the client, from definition through to the achievement of results.

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