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20 years innovating to make companies competitive.

20 years ago Jorge Álvarez and José Fernández de Valderrama, procurement managers at leading automotive firms, decided to join forces. They established Fullstep, and in doing so, demonstrated that their methodology aimed at making Procurement the source of companies’ savings –  worked, in all sectors of business, and all over the world. 20 years later, we are readier than ever to be your company for resource optimisation.

Because in the course of these years, our procurement consultants have assimilated new business models and processes in line with the pace of market evolution.

And because in the last 15 years, and especially today, our Research, Development and Innovation department continues to develop the best management solutions for increasing companies’ competitiveness.

Now, with more than 100 clients and projects in place all over the world, we are at our best. And we want you to be too. You can start by calling us on 91 296 20 00 or requesting a DEMO. We are at your disposal.


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