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Enhancement of the purchasing function

The purchasing function, the driving force behind company savings.

Fullstep does not see purchasing as just another department. In order to cut costs and improve competitiveness, the purchasing function should be seen as strategic for the whole company. The aim is to introduce processes and supports that make purchasing the focus of savings for your company.

Aside from its clear exposure to the market, we also see the purchasing function as having an in-house service vocation, orientated toward category-based cost management throughout the organisation. Our work involves responding to the procurement needs of each department while ensuring substantial savings without a detrimental effect on the quality of resources, production or working conditions.

Fullstep processes to strengthen the purchasing function:

  • Functional auditing of the expenditure cycle
  • Purchasing and procurement management
  • Master Plan for implementing the operational  model defined in the strategic plan
  • The drawing up of evolution plans designed to achieve savings targets and increase the value offered to the company

The diagram shows the phases defined by Fullstep to strengthen the purchasing function within the company.

In conclusion, if you would like to find out everything that purchasing can do for your bottom line, the following step is to contact Fullstep. We look forward to welcoming you.



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