Procurement Consulting

We are market leaders in specialised purchasing consultancy services.

Our expert purchasing management consultants offer you all their knowledge and experience acquired across multiple sectors, to help you become more competitive.

Our working together always begins in the same way: by getting to know each other. Our team of consultants will place itself at your disposal to learn about your resources, processes, structure, priorities, market, relationship with suppliers etc.

We will offer an in-depth analysis and diagnosis of the situation, identifying possible purchasing improvements, corrections and needs. Finally, we will define a strategic plan in order to apply the appropriate measures and resources.

Would you like to know how we do it? In the answer you will find the keys that can improve your company’s results.

The first question we would ask if we were in your position is:


Why should we trust this team?

Experience: Over 20 years in purchasing and procurement management, working with materials and services for all sectors.
Dedication: we are genuinely enthusiastic about your work. Our values are evident in every detail of a company that is 100% customer-oriented: commitment, professionalism, motivation, honesty and an ever-positive attitude.
Results: We have spent our whole careers improving purchasing management and consultancy. We have extensive knowledge of the situation and evolution of each market. Facts and figures back us up.

What does achieving results mean to Fullstep?

  • Optimising the organisational purchasing structure: speeding up processes and guaranteeing maximum performance from the available resources (efficiency)
  • Reducing costs: we look to apply cost-reduction programmes (average savings of 22%) that improve the bottom line without affecting companies’ competitiveness.


And to be on the safe side, if we were in your place we would ask:


How can you guarantee I will have results in the purchasing area?


  • We provide the right tools for you to best implement a Strategic Plan.
  • We analyse all the factors which may influence the optimum development of purchasing: company organisation, relevance of purchasing to the organisation, the market and the expenditure cycle. Factors which give the plan solvency and offer orientation and peace of mind, safe in the knowledge that each decision made will have been the right one.

Check the Strategic Purchasing Plan diagram for a detailed understanding of the axes and environments analysed.


As well as establishing the strategy that marks the evolution of your purchasing, our consulting services also work to other ends:

  • Adapt purchasing to European quality standards.
  • Train purchasers in advanced techniques


Would you like to learn more about what our Consultancy can do for you?

Don’t hesitate to call us on 91 296 20 00. If you like, we can organise an appointment or presentation.




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