Is your full spend cycle under control?
Do you have full data visibility and traceability?
Fullstep is the perfect tool to tie together all your sourcing information.

Contract management software


  • Design contract templates adapted to your purchase categories
  • Set up the appropriate workflow within your organization and the supplier’s for the contract approval
  • Automatically generate contracts from the bid award window
  • Online document management for your organization and suppliers
  • Contract status monitoring
  • Consumption monitoring
  • Automated alerts related to contract expiration


  • Online monitoring of contracts status, available in real time for authorized users or profiles
  • Better comunication tool with supplier
  • Standardized procedures and unified contract information
  • Seamless communication between areas and with suppliers
  • Common repository for all contracts
  • Increased visibility for all parties involved
  • Improved compliance
  • Man-hours savings


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