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Fullstep is leader in spend management consulting, coaching and outsourcing services, and benchmarked as an industry standard in sourcing and supply base management software

We serve our customers to achieve maximum efficiency and profitability, following our mission statement:

  • Implement spend management as a core competency, key for sustainable value generation.
  • Provide our customers with cost management solutions adapted to their environment for long term results.
  • Build sustainable sourcing advantage for short term cost reductions and long term success.

We began transforming the procurement function in global organizations about 20 years ago. Founded by Jorge Álvarez and José Fernández de Valderrama, experienced corporate buyers and procurement managers in major automotive companies, FULLSTEP is the leading firm for supply management business services and technology, with nearly 20 years of successful sourcing solutions implementations.

We deliver sustainable sourcing advantage to our customers, helping them take a crucial step into advanced cost optimization, to secure and maximize their profitability on the long term.

We combine sourcing process expertise and software solutions to implement cost management as a core competency, and make our customers successful

1. Experienced professionals

Nearly 20 years of sourcing and procurement transformation projects in leading companies around the world and across diverse sectors.

2. Fullstep proprietary suite

We use our own software suite, methodology, processes and systems.

3. Client oriented process

We are committed to your financial and operational success. Our solutions are highly configurable, to fit any organization’s processes and industry specific requirements.

4. Return on investment

We deliver significant short term cost savings and sustainable profitability every time, for record ROI and profitability.

Our methodology revolves around your purchasing categories and total spend, and develops success proven improvement actions on Strategy, Organization, Processes and Systems.

Form early on, our global customers have motivated us to become an international company, with international offices and projects all around the globe.

Our diverse and international team is experienced in implementing efficient solutions and sustainable cost management models in various industries: food & beverages, automotive, bank and insurance, industrial services, etc…

At Fullstep, 2 main teams work closely together to deliver the best tools, services and benefits to our customers:

  • Consulting Consultants and project managers work hand in hand with our customers to maximize adoption and savings in sourcing and procurement optimization projects.
  • Technology Developers and product managers work in close collaboration with our account managers to maintain and develop cutting edge functionalities and deliver one of the industry’s highest rated software suites.


Our values values make us great colleagues, professionals, and great partners for our customers:

  1. Honesty and integrity
  2. Client focused teamwork
  3. Commitment to deliver results
  4. Leadership and collaboration
  5. Analytical approach

We can’t wait to see what you can achieve once you’re up to speed on spend optimization, whether it is satisfying your socially responsible fiber, taking on more customers, developing new products or simply enhance the employee’s day-care playground… we’re motivated by the “full step” we want you to take, and by where it will take you.


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